Great value for a full day rental

Tabi-Takubin provides the customer's vehicle (private car, rental car) + our company's introduction.
This is a plan that allows you to enjoy a cheap, safe, and comfortable trip. We offer a new form of travel that has never existed before, where you can choose where you want to go and where you want to stop, and we will pick you up at your departure point and drop you off at your desired destination on your return.

Reduce the hassle, risks, and costs of driving and make traveling for business, leisure, ceremonial occasions, events, etc. safer and more efficient! You can travel and move easily, safely, and cheaply! Please use it when you need a car + driver for leisure, events, or work.

Arranging a car

Please prepare your own.

We can also guide you to the best car model for your trip.Inn advisorPlease let us know.

In the case of a rental car, the customer makes a reservation at a rental car store, and a contracted driver will visit the rental car store on the day of the trip and deliver the vehicle to the customer's departure location. If requested by a customer, we can also make reservations on their behalf. *In that case, the person renting the car will make the reservation in your name.

Great price for full day rental!

Unlike other companies' jumbo taxis and wagon taxis, Tabitakubin charges a fixed fee for each day. If you are traveling with 5 or more people, the cost per person (arrangement fee) will be lower than the round-trip fare using JR limited express, assuming you are traveling for 1 night and 2 days. Furthermore, you can set your favorite travel itinerary (with stops along the way).

Free yourself from the stress of moving by car!

Convenient departure and arrival from home

There is no need to worry about transferring to other means of transportation or carrying your luggage. You will be freed from the troubles and risks of driving and worries about parking, and you can move freely with your family or close friends without worrying about being the driver. Of course, the benefits of traveling for work are immeasurable!

Free destination! Feel free to take a detour!

free travel style

You are free to decide where to go and where to stop on the day. Unlike regular group tours, you are free to stop at sightseeing spots and dining locations along the way. You are now free to drink alcohol in your car or at a stop, instead of being restricted to only the driver being allowed to drink.

Send everyone home!

Enjoy freedom of movement

Just like with a private car, you depart from your home, stop at any sightseeing spots or places you like along the way, and then drive back to your home. It makes moving and traveling more free and enjoyable, and is perfect for going to and from golf or for work that involves visiting multiple stops.

You will be freed from ``I was exhausted when I got home''!

With Tabakubin, customers charter a car and driver, and are free to set the itinerary and meals they want to go with when they want to go, with the people they want to go with, and are free to stop by and drink while in the car.
It is a free means of transportation that allows customers to achieve the most satisfying handcrafted travel and transportation.

Compare it to a jumbo taxi!

We will assist you with all transportation and transportation procedures. We introduce this system to our customers as ``TABITAKUBIN.'' No need to carry heavy luggage. Even people with physical disabilities can participate.

運転手はプロドライバー!Enjoy safe and secure travel.

Reliable driving service

The drivers we introduce areProfessional driver (class 2 license holder)または、安全運転に徹した運転手に限定し、レンタカーの管理と車の運転に関する事故等の責任において、お客様との間で「車両運行管理業務請負契約」を締結し、その責任を明確にしています。また、万一に備え大型保険補償も付与し、お客様に安全・安心な旅行を保証しています。

Our accommodation and travel guides are travel professionals from all over the country and will listen to your travel wishes.

Enjoy free travel

Customers are free to choose their own accommodations, tourist spots along the way, places to eat, accommodations at other hot spring resorts from the second night onwards, and other services other than the transportation service, allowing them to enjoy a handmade trip. We will introduce you to the perfect facility for you from among 3,000 major lodging locations and 5,000 restaurants nationwide.

Flow from application to use

  1. <Get a quote first>
    Please use the inquiry form or contact us by phone. We will provide you with a quote based on your usage and schedule.
  2. <Application>
    Once you have decided on a plan, please apply using the application form or download the fax application sheet, print it out, fill in the necessary information, and send it by fax.
  3. <Issuance of reservation confirmation>
    After we receive your request for arrangements via form or fax, we will send you a "Tabi-Takubin Arrangement/Reservation Email" containing the estimated cost and time schedule. This is a document proving that our company has accepted your application.
  4. <Application fee>
    After understanding the details, please transfer the application fee (arrangement fee). The contract will be concluded once the payment is confirmed. Please note that the rental car and driver are each contracted directly with the traveler. However, our company will receive the rental car price and driver's fee for the scheduled number of days on your behalf and pay each.
  5. <On the day of use>
    We will come to your designated location, home, office, event venue, etc.

About reservations and payments for Takutakubin

For facilities that require reservations at major stopovers, we will make the reservations for you, so if there is a pre-determined cancellation fee, it will be subject to it (no cancellation fee will be charged up to 8 days before departure). Please transfer the application fee (arrangement fee) to our designated bank account at least 8 days before departure. Please note that if the payment is not made by the deadline after accepting the contract, it will be automatically canceled. In addition, please pay the estimated amount by bank transfer at least 8 days before your departure date, or bring it with you on the day of your departure (any excess or deficiency will be settled at the end of your trip).

About Tabitakubin

Tabitakubin is an individual trip where you and your group of travelers arrange the car and driver yourself, set the travel route, and travel in the same way as an owner-driver. Tabakubin is different from a package tour, and is a tour called an ``arranged trip'' in which we act as an ``agent'' to arrange transportation (car and driver), travel route, destinations, accommodations, etc. according to the traveler's requests. Therefore, the courier service conditions sheet presented below (the same courier service conditions sheet is also posted on a separate page) is the explanation of transaction conditions stipulated in Article 12-4 of the Travel Agency Law and the contract document pursuant to Article 12-5 of the same law. Please note that this may be limited to some parts. When setting your travel route, please refer to the travel routes that we propose in advance and send us your preferences (consultations).

Prices/vehicle lineup

Price inquiry (estimate request)

Reservation (application)

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