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Tabitakubin Q&A

What kind of driver will come?
Is it possible to transport just the luggage?
We do not accept transportation of just luggage as it cannot be considered as travel.
Is it possible to use it on the same day?
Our final application deadline is 5:00 pm the day before. It cannot be used on the day. Please note that even within the above deadline, we may refuse your request due to lack of space or other reasons.
What about insurance?
The insurance content provided by the rental car company shall apply. If you require travel insurance other than transportation services, please apply for it separately.
Can pets travel with me?
Please contact us in advance. While in use, please put it in a cage and store it in the luggage space or at your feet. Depending on the type, we may refuse your request. Customers are responsible for the care of their pets. Our company cannot take any responsibility.
*If necessary, we may ask you to take measures such as placing an additional sheet under the cage.
Can you create a travel itinerary?
Please let us know your preferences regarding destinations and stops. Based on this information, we will consult with you and create a travel itinerary. The customer agrees to this and the contract is concluded.
Is it possible to change the itinerary during the trip?
Changes will be made to the extent possible as long as they do not interfere with safe driving. Please inform the driver.
Is it okay for long distances?
Is possible. For safety reasons, we have set maximum usage hours and maximum mileage per day. Please contact us for more information.
I live in an area outside of the Kanto area, can I use it?
We can discuss this with you. We will comply with your requests within a safe and reasonable range. Please contact us for more information.
How much does the driver have to pay for meals?
You don't have to worry about the driver's lunch, as he will pay for it himself. If there is an overnight stay, the driver's accommodation expenses (including dinner and breakfast) will be borne by the customer. For more information, please check the Q&A regarding "driver's accommodation fee" below.
How much does the driver's accommodation cost?
Please arrange it with us or prepare it yourself. If it is difficult to secure a cheap parking lot in the city, or there are no business hotels nearby, and the cost exceeds the budget below, we will notify the customer in advance. In any case, prior approval from the customer is required. The total amount of such expenses is the accommodation fee + breakfast and dinner fee + night parking fee.

<Approximate accommodation fee>
Business hotels: Approximately 8,000 to 10,000 yen (slightly cheaper if staying without meals)
Meal cost (if staying without meals)…Dinner 2,000 yen, breakfast 1,000 yen
Night parking fee…about 1,000 to 2,000 yen

What is the driver's response time for customers?
From 8:00 to 19:00, and if you exceed this time, an additional charge of 1,800 yen will be charged for each hour.
In principle, this provision also applies if there is a delay due to road congestion.
Additionally, for safety reasons, we may restrict your use early in the morning or at night, so please contact us in advance.
Until when is the cancellation fee?
Cancellations are free of charge up to 8 days in advance and are as follows:
Both are % of the arrangement fee. All inquiries received after 5pm will be processed the next day.<Cancellation fee>
7 days to 6 days in advance Service fee (arrangement fee) 20%
5 days to 3 days before service fee (arrangement fee) 30%
2 days to the day before Service fee (arrangement fee) 50%
After the day: 100% of service fee (arrangement fee)
How to calculate gas cost?
It is calculated by multiplying the mileage from the time you leave the rental car office until you return it to the same office by the fuel efficiency of the vehicle type. We will notify you at the time of quotation.
What should I do with ETC?
We will accept payment on your card or in advance.


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